This was the first major publication to feature my work. The celebration was the 100th anniversary of Liszt's death, The cassette was offered as a bonus when purchasing a hi-quality blank cassette. 12,000 copies were sold. 

Stereo Review Magazine

Chicago Tribune

BMG Compact Disc Club

Jeffrey Reid Baker: The Hype

USA Today

Keyboard Magazine

Grammy Winning producer John McClure's note to me after the completion of  our Carmina Burana CD

Jeff - Sorry I took so long but Shelly said they had you covered. - I think the result is fantastic! You should be very proud, arrogant even! Bob [DeCormiere] loved it so much, he was dumbfounded. - He said its the best performance he's ever heard. - Talk soon - Jehn

Clavier Magazine

Digital Audio Magazine

The Gershwin CD from BMG

An App I Authored

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