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Jeffrey Reid Baker: JRB Media

JRB Media incorporates everything else that I do including video production, web authoring and media transfers. After starting JRB Records, I found myself doing my own website, my own cover art, video production and post production, etc. My growing expertise with a plethora (that means 'a lot') of new apps made my skills attractive to some outside of JRB Records including friends in all walks of life. So I branded these additional services under the name JRBmedia. Here are some of my services.

 _________Design Services_________________



 _________Music For Any Venue___________________

Here are some examples of the very diverse styles I have had to produce.

When the announcer of the Detroit Tigers retired, I provided all the underscoring  and a contemporary version of "Take Me Out To The Ballgame"!

I produced Windswept for a multi-media show about an "AroundLong Island" sailing regatta for NEWSDAY -a LongIsland daily newspaper.

Score Productions, Inc. in Atlanta was approached for something classical - but swingy. This was my demo track called - BACH SWINGS!

I produced this stylized version of the pop tune Up, Up & Away for a seasonal card display from the American Greeting Cards company.


 _________Media Transfer Services________________

After 35 years of collecting equipment, I can transfer almost any legacy media to digital form.







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