Jeffrey Reid Baker: Author


I never wanted to write a book. I never even considered it as recently as a few years ago when, in 2017, I wrote a story on a napkin about a happy man living in paradise. Shortly after, I thought a little illustrated children's book would be a cynically-cute thing to do. I called my good friend Les and asked if she would use her wicked drawing style for such a project. She jumped at it. This is my "video jotting" of the book idea.  I'm a terrible artist. It made us crack up though. 


I put the story together with Les' illustrations in a Affinity Publisher. With a little research, I found a company ( that would convert the files and distribute them.  When I found out how relatively easy and affordable that was, I remembered my collection of lateral puzzles. So that book was assembled and put on Amazon. Then I remembered my humongous joke collection. Musicians love jokes. I waded through the thousands of very good stories and,  when finished, considered making  it hardcopy.  After talking to my distributor, I decided to take the leap. The Punchline Is Too Long became a real, bound soft-cover book! Seeing how much fun that was, I decided to manufacture the lateral puzzle and children's book in soft and hard cover form  respectively. 

In 1993, I briefly entertained myself by learning to use a publishing app called Quark. My goal was to create a book. It ended up as a Clinton joke book. Over the years I went from Quark to Adobe's InDesign and am now using Affinity's Publisher. That Clinton effort is an e-book now.

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