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I guess I became a bona fide record producer when I produced the Liszt album in 1986. I knew I was the artist, but was somewhat startled when I saw Produced by Jeffrey Reid Baker in the CD booklet. I had all of a sudden entered the world of the giants: John McClure, Andrew Kazden, Thomas Frost, etc. My heroes. Ironically, they ended up being my teachers after my years of listening to THEIR productions. When I started JRB Records in 1996, I was pretty sure I could wear that hat too. From the time I was 9 or so, I fell in love with recorded audio. Of course, it was the music first. But the very mediums of LPs and reel-to-reel tapes was magical to me. My grandfather, who spoiled me rotten, bought me a reel-to-reel Wollensak tape recorder for Christmas when I was 11. The thought of capturing audio for all time was somehow IMPORTANT to me. I still have recordings from 1968 of which I have archived on the ever changing media in my life.

In 1996, having produced the master for A Composer's Christmas, I decided to venture forth on my own and start my own recording company - JRB Records. I was very lucky to get distribution through Collegium Records right away. Then there was the marketing and cd replication. Then an art department. On the bright side, I knew and quickly learned a great deal about graphic arts in a very short time. The other good news was I had very musically gifted friends that created product (NOT be me) for JRB. So it became more than a mere vanity label.  


“Baker has an exceptionally musical ear and his choice of sound colors for some of Liszt’s finest pieces is astonishingly apt...a sparkling multitoned tour-de-force touched with genius ...this disk is tremendous fun.”

 - Compact Disc Review (UK)

“The performance is outstanding.” 

- Digital Audio

“..the performance is new, pristine, like fresh honey-suckle ... Both disks [of Baker’s] ... are delightful and entertaining.” 

- USA Today

“The uniqueness of his Liszt album is in Baker’s vision.” 

- Clavier Magazine

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