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This site is about me. It's a scrap book really. A place to keep a record of stuff I've done. Some old, some new. Some published. Some unpublished. I have made some comments where I felt it was welcome and, perhaps,  even amusing.

Latest & Newest Stuff 

World Premiere recording


Rhapsody On a Theme of Paganini

The composer's own 2-Piano reduction

Join Jeff in his experimental journey using Physically Modeled instruments from MODARTT  (Keyboards) and SWAM (Chamber Strings). Might it be his next project? Let him know. Here ius the 1st movement of the Bach Concerto for 4 Harpsichords.

NEW!! Clair de Lune 

by Claude Debussy 

NEW!! Etude Nouvelle 2

by Frederic Chopin 

Bolling Jazz Flute Suite (rec. 1976) 

At the time, I sent Mr. Bolling a cassette of our performance 

with some inquiries. This was his letter back to me.

Scarlatti Meets the VSL Piano

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Piano of Love

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New Book


New Book

... and a


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